{throwback} : thursday.


{no - that is not a wig.}
{yes - that microphone is fake.} 

{list} : 12 things learned living in nyc.

I made a spur of the moment decision to move to 
new york city from dallas, tx almost 2 years ago.

i actually can't believe i have been here this long.
most days - it still does not sink in that i actually live here - i tend to feel like i'm on an extended vacation.
(which affects my lifestyle from time to time)

i had visited this city many times before making the move - 
but there are just certain "lessons" one learns once they become a resident of this wild place. 
i am an avid "list keeper" (for way too many categories)
so - below are just 12 of the random things i've learned so far:

1. every person is kind of a disaster.(or most i've met)
 a work in progress. 
we are all going down our own personal & particular path -
figuring it along the way. 
this is refreshing coming from the south where -
even if you aren't perfect - you act like you are. 

2.  i have become fully confident in my ability to walk 
an absurdly long distance - 
rain, humidity, or snow. 
when people visit - i realize it all over again - 
because my version of "a quick walk" ALWAYS makes them angry. 

3. It's okay to cry walking down the street. 
everyone has done it at least once. 
i personally have had quite a few complete break downs.
nobody notices (or cares). 

4. Always keep an eye out for a Barnes & Noble.
it's the only place i've found with quick access 
to a public restroom. 

5. If you're running late - the excuse "my train was running behind" seems to always be believable & accepted. 

6. You learn quickly how to walk, text, AND DODGE vomit, dog shit, and the occasional homeless sleeper - with grace & ease. 

7. never tell a cab driver an actual address. 
give him the intersection/cross streets. 
and google map it before to make sure you actually 
know where you are headed. 
cabbies aren't stupid - but they act like they are 
for an extra few bucks. 

8. craigslist in nyc is the opposite of craigslist in dallas.
(i.e. all i really knew before was because 
of the Craigslist Killer) 
here - you use it for - well, for everything.
 finding roommates, buying/selling anything, 
looking for random jobs. 
you can't be afraid of craigslist anymore - or well, 
you are just making your life more inconvenient. 

9. cab rides, subway trips & rides up the elevator 
can serve as a vanity table.
and it's acceptable. 
 i typically always leave my apartment with zero makeup on 
& get ready on the way. 
or i have a panic attack about trying to get out the door on time. 

10. don't ever step on a subway vent in the summer 
while wearing a dress. 
dodge the suckers. 
unless you want 20+ people to see your goods.

11. rainy days are a nightmare.
so are grocery stores. 
(mainly bc they never have things like 
black eyed peas or velveeta cheese. 
(*i'm probably the only person who has ever inquired about these items though.)  

12. HUGE LESSON : life without a Sonic, 
Chic-Fil-A, or Target nearby is awful. 

to be continued...

{journal} :

yes. yes. yes. & yes. 

{today is} : SPRING

Dear Spring, 
I welcome you with OPEN arms! 
i have never been so ready for warmer days...

today - i treated my already happy mood by giving myself flowers. 

i cannot WAIT to say see-ya to my cold weather uniform - 
hats, sweatshirts, 2 pair of socks &
every single sweater i can layer under my down-feather coat. 

bring on the sunshine.
AND the maxi dresses.  


{style} : shoe saturday

i like shoes. 
a lot. 

 i also buy a ton of them & WILL NOT 
ever wear them if they 
are uncomfortable. 
i haven't learned my lesson yet. 
therefore - these 4 pair are about all my feet see. 

i think that's okay. 

have a happy saturday! 


{nailed it} : chevron

so, i've joined the masses & 
picked up a slight obsession with chevron patterns lately. 

i have not joined the masses in the whole nail art phenomenon. 
now that these 2 can be combined - 
i think it's time to take that step. 
i think i'm ready. 
i actually feel like i might hate this busy look on my hands...
but i like the idea of it. 

you can see how to actually do this yourself 
on 1 of my fave blogs - 
{but i mean ...WHO can actually pull this off 
themselves though? if you can - i respect} 

i'll let you know how this project goes for me.
i'm almost positive it will be a complete disaster. 

oh and i just love the below pic. 


{pinterest} : story teller?

here's my random rambling thought for the moment : 

i think you can tell so much about a person 
by simply looking at their Pinterest page. 

maybe this is because i'm a visual person - 
who loves the inspirational capability of the site 
{and who over-analyzes everything}... 

but seriously - 
if people pin the things they are drawn to, inspired by, and love - 
it's almost like a big fat conglomeration 
of who they are on 1 page. 
and i love that. 

so here ya go - 
here's my Pinterest : 
i'm almost positive you will think i'm even weirder 
if you actually browse this. 
but - today - i'm being vulnerable. 
it's fine. 

{some things i love} 

{banksy love} 

i always say - guys should look at a girl's Pinterest 
if he wants to know the ways to win her over...
bc c'mon -  we all post our favorite flowers, recipes, 
places and all that jazz - it's a free f'ing GUIDE for him. 

{YES - i should have gone into a mental health field with this shiz....i'm sorry.} 

{journal} : love loud.

it really is...

{life} via Instagram : DC

hey heyyy.

so i spent last week in our nation's capital 
with my very favorite person - 
my mama. 

i am lucky. 
for a lot of reasons.
but in particular to this post - 
i am lucky because i can work remotely AND - 
because i have the most amazing mother on this earth. 

Mama D had a work conference in DC + i can do my job 
from anywhere = 
i hopped on a bus and went for the week.  

i have actually never been to DC. 
my family was never the "educational vacationers"...
we only went to the beach. 
end of statement.
so last week - i did my duty as an American citizen & 
did some solo sight-seeing. 
i actually am not a big fan of studying history. 
{is that even okay to say?}
So yeah - i honestly didn't think i'd enjoy 
the actual tourist activity - 
BUT I did. 

I carried around my huge map and had google on lock down - searching everything I AM SURE
 I was supposed to already know from grade school - 
and I actually enjoyed it. a lot. 
{I am also pretty sure this is because I'm almost 30. 
30 year olds are supposed to be cultured, right?} far this post makes me sound like a complete idiot - 
so i'll switch gears and at least attempt to win you over 
with a sweet mom shout out...

Seriously though - more than the trip at all - 
getting to spend a few days & quality/good time with my mom 
made me beyond happy. 
she really is the most fun human being i've ever met. 

living so far from home is tough sometimes - 
it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle,
day to day drama of a city like NYC...
my mom is one person who reels me back into reality - 
she reminds me of what matters and what i should be focusing on.
it's always humbling but so refreshing. 

so...there's my little update. 
i finally learned some american history & i love my mom.
that's all. 

{ instagram : @texturedblog}