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hey heyyy.

so i spent last week in our nation's capital 
with my very favorite person - 
my mama. 

i am lucky. 
for a lot of reasons.
but in particular to this post - 
i am lucky because i can work remotely AND - 
because i have the most amazing mother on this earth. 

Mama D had a work conference in DC + i can do my job 
from anywhere = 
i hopped on a bus and went for the week.  

i have actually never been to DC. 
my family was never the "educational vacationers"...
we only went to the beach. 
end of statement.
so last week - i did my duty as an American citizen & 
did some solo sight-seeing. 
i actually am not a big fan of studying history. 
{is that even okay to say?}
So yeah - i honestly didn't think i'd enjoy 
the actual tourist activity - 
BUT I did. 

I carried around my huge map and had google on lock down - searching everything I AM SURE
 I was supposed to already know from grade school - 
and I actually enjoyed it. a lot. 
{I am also pretty sure this is because I'm almost 30. 
30 year olds are supposed to be cultured, right?} far this post makes me sound like a complete idiot - 
so i'll switch gears and at least attempt to win you over 
with a sweet mom shout out...

Seriously though - more than the trip at all - 
getting to spend a few days & quality/good time with my mom 
made me beyond happy. 
she really is the most fun human being i've ever met. 

living so far from home is tough sometimes - 
it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle,
day to day drama of a city like NYC...
my mom is one person who reels me back into reality - 
she reminds me of what matters and what i should be focusing on.
it's always humbling but so refreshing. 

so...there's my little update. 
i finally learned some american history & i love my mom.
that's all. 

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