hi y'all. welcome!

texture.d started off as a creative outlet for a me - 
a place for a small-town Arkansas girl to vent, share fashion inspirations, and tell random stories.
i was living in Dallas, TX at the time i started this blog & working in the fashion industry. 

welp, times have changed...
and so did my blog website address - 
welcome to texture.d's new home! 
{the old one : http://textureddallas.blogspot.com}

in 2011, i made the move to NYC ...and i have yet to decide whether this is one of the best decisions i've made 
in my 30 years ...or if i'm just going through a quarter-life crisis and completely losing my mind.

either way - i'm rolling with it - & loving every second so far!

{about me?}
*my name is bekah
*arkansas - dallas - nyc
*fashion & marketing consultant, social media girl

*i have a cat named ruby faye
*i won't remember your birthday
*i am in love with peanut butter (and cheeto puffs)
*i cannot stand chicken pot pie.

"go up on your hill and see what you find there ...
with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair."
mumford & sons