{rambling} : breakup friends.

{Random rambling}

I secretly despise the phrase 
“something good comes out of every situation”.

Maybe it’s because I’m strange and think we need the 
“bad" in situations more than the good at times. 
(I think I just got confused in my own thought. 
bear with me here.)

I particularly cannot stand it when people say these overly positive words just after you have been dumped 
find out your boyfriend is a cheating A-hole.

Because in that moment -  
nothing good could possiblyyyyy come out
of that gut-wrenching heartache.

Well guess what – I have been working on “choosing my thoughts” lately and attempting to be more positive – 
so I made a list of the good things that actually do come out of the ending of a relationship.
(I’ll spare you the entire list – bc it’s absolutely ridiculous)

At the very top of that list is : new friends.

I was randomly thinking the other day that A LOT of my very closest friends at this point in my life are a result of a past relationship ...or developed out of a really difficult situation.

These are amazing, lifelong friends – ones that I would have never stumbled upon without the douche bags of my past.

I love getting asked the question “now how did you 2 meet?”
And answering “oh I got custody of this one 2 years ago.”
(and typically not bothering to explain further
because I like to be mysterious)

This is just my random thought for today.
Since it was a positive one – I thought it was best to share
while my heart was flowing with half-way decent vibes.

Bottom line :
friends are better than douche bags.

so yeah - thank you ex-boyfriends. 
i appreciate you for ONE thing. 

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just some recent shenanigans.

{ journal } : be nice.

we just should.   

{trend} : t-strappin'.

i'm having a summer love for the whole
 t-strap sandal/shoe look.

i have no clue why.
they look awesome on most people.
but i have serious cankles.
so ... this style is not flattering on my 
terrible legs whatsoever. 

i also hate wearing sandals in nyc, period. 
because my feet end up looking like i walked through wal*mart barefoot after 2 minutes out on the street.

anyway. i still love these. 
maybe i'll just love them from afar. 

{images via urban outfitters blog // here 
brands  :  philadelphia, swedish hasbeens, seychelles.