antigua via instagram.

last weekend my cousin finally decided to tie the knot. 
he made a good choice - not only in his choice of a wife...
but also the location for the nuptials. 
hello Antigua

my family loves a beach.
i always tell people that i never went anywhere cultural or educational growing up - 
because when it was time to get away and spend money on vacation - my family was headed towards a beach and hoping to use our brains as little as possible. 

and to this day ... that's the way i view a real getaway.
this was one of the best i've had in a long time.

i needed out of this busy city. 
i needed to have zero cell phone service. 
i needed time with the people i love most. 
it was beautiful in every way. 

 { Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Parnell }

 { my cousin and very best friend } 

 { my mom - she's cute. and she's single. 
and she will hate me for typing that. } 

{ antigua sunset. heaven. } 

Congrats Rodney & Lyndy!
I will be posting more pics once i upload & edit them. maybe.