{runway} : kimberly ovitz F/W 2012

{ instagram :: @bekahdavis_textured }

my very first NY Fashion Week experience was not a disappointment. at all. 

i got to attend the Kimberly Ovitz F/W 2012 show - thanks to Refinery29 - and i loved every second of it. 

this cali-born, nyc-based designer showcased 
elegant, edgy, dark pieces - 
filled with textured fabrics, fringed and slouchy detail, 
& tons of fur (and hair... human hair actually...)

The LA Times called the collection "powerfully elegant" - 
& i couldn't agree more. 

inspired by the samurai warrior - 
ovitz collaborated with make-up artist Gordon Espinet of 
MAC Cosmetics models the finishing touch with 
pearly-toned faces & 
extremely strong brows. (which i'm liking...)

i am a fan. 

{accessory} :: mac clutch.

 { collage : myfashionjuice

for me - this is a little bit monumental. 

  anyone that knows me whatsoever -  KNOWS that i prefer a piece of "carry-on luggage" as my daily handbag.

i hate small bags. 
i despise the word "clutch"
i just can't do it. 

i have no clue how i stuff so much into my daily bag - 
but it happens. 

 main reason : i am extremely irresponsible.

as in ... if i have any possible way of laying an item down or losing it - i'm 98.5% sure that it will be GONE within 2.5 seconds - probably with my identity stolen & bank accounts cleared before i even realize 
i've put the damn bag down somewhere.  
{ yes, that's a lot of random numbers in 1 sentence } 

i think tiny bags are cute.
and they seem like a very logical, practical choice. 

however - i tend to opt for the obnoxious, not so cute, 
irrational choice all day. every day. 
until this past week - when i saw a gazillion of these bags floating around NYC and Fashion Week
{ #NYFW if you will } 

this classic Rebecca Minkoff bag seems perfect for me - 
with a strap and so many color options... it may just be my solution to constant shoulder & back pain - 
and looking like a fool lugging around a 17 lb baby for a purse. 

i am getting one. 
you should too. 
click HERE to find the bag  ... 

have a good friday! xo

{boots} made for walkin'

 { boots :: enzo angiolini  }

i actually try to mix up my wardrobe.
but when i find a pair of shoes that i love - 
and that i can haul myself all over this city in comfortably -
 i am a major advocate 
{ resulting in = not "mixing up my wardrobe" at all } 

these are my current "staple".
i do not apologize, fashion world. 
i love them. 

{disclaimer : these boots were also my very first 
"NYC Resident / real life Bloomingdale's Shopper" purchase - 
...yes, they were on sale - double the goodness.}


{hair} top knot + tutorial

i always welcome an alternative to having to take time 
to fix (or wash) my hair ...
and i love this little "messy meets ballerina" look - 
or the "top knot" - if i want to sound like a legit blogger. 

one of my favorite fashion bloggers & personal Arkansas friend - 
Tulip Louise posted this video tutorial on how to achieve the perfect look. 

she is seriously so cute - i want to put her in my pocket. 

                       Tulip Louise Tutorial from jade Howard on Vimeo.