{pinterest} : story teller?

here's my random rambling thought for the moment : 

i think you can tell so much about a person 
by simply looking at their Pinterest page. 

maybe this is because i'm a visual person - 
who loves the inspirational capability of the site 
{and who over-analyzes everything}... 

but seriously - 
if people pin the things they are drawn to, inspired by, and love - 
it's almost like a big fat conglomeration 
of who they are on 1 page. 
and i love that. 

so here ya go - 
here's my Pinterest : 
i'm almost positive you will think i'm even weirder 
if you actually browse this. 
but - today - i'm being vulnerable. 
it's fine. 

{some things i love} 

{banksy love} 

i always say - guys should look at a girl's Pinterest 
if he wants to know the ways to win her over...
bc c'mon -  we all post our favorite flowers, recipes, 
places and all that jazz - it's a free f'ing GUIDE for him. 

{YES - i should have gone into a mental health field with this shiz....i'm sorry.} 

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