{journal} : friend love.

i've been thinking about friendship quite a bit lately. 

the older i get - the less friends i seem to have. 
or i guess i should say - i have fewer REAL friends. 
the kind that always love you.
no matter what. 
the kind of friends that walk through the valleys 
& ride life's roller coaster with you...

in my opinion - unconditional love is the greatest gift 
we can receive in this life.
to be seen and known by others - 
and to receive love anyway...that's what life is about. 
it's what pushes us, carries us, encourages us -
and it's what brings the purest type of joy. 

i am beyond thankful that i have old & new friends to walk through life with.
having those people - that you can laugh your ass off 
with one minute & fall into their arms bawling your eyes out 
the next - to me - is such a simple thing that i often look over and forget to truly appreciate. 

i guess this is my little speech to announce my gratitude. 
words can never express love accurately - 
but i love you - my friends. 
and i am thankful that you love me.

thank you for allowing me to not be perfect. 
thank you for making fun of me & keeping me humble. 
thank you for challenging me to be a better version of myself. 

i'll quit now. 
i get on my sappy train & can't really control it. 
i love the people i've been blessed to call friends.
that's all. 

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