{journal} : accepting change.

apologies for the quote overload here...
but my mind has been crazy jumbled lately.
so many changes going on within my little life.

i hate it and love it. 

i can't help but think that change - 
whether it feels good or bad ... 
might just always be a good thing.

change shakes us up.
it makes us stop and think.
change always offers us a choice : 
stay the same or adjust & grow?
{or maybe this is me being overly optimistic - which is likely}


you will learn - if you actually continue 
to read this blog for some reason...
that i struggle with being open.
it's weird - bc i'm awkwardly open about little things - 
things that don't matter.
so people always assume i'm a big open book.
i'm not. 
i'm more like the table of contents.
and maybe a preface.
if you are lucky.
or unlucky?

this ramble entry is me opening up.
i'm admitting that my life is kind of unsettled right now.

i'm learning.
i'm changing.
i'm choosing to grow instead of stay the same.

hopefully one of the changes will be - the freedom to begin sharing more of my life with you here. 

and - hopefully my future "journal" entries 
won't be as lame and evasive as this one. 

"you must constantly ask yourself these questions: 

who am i around? 
what are they doing to me?
what have they got me reading?
what have they got me saying?
where do they have me going?
what do they have me thinking?
and most importantly - 
what do they have me becoming? 
then ask yourself the big question:
is that okay?

Your life does not get better by chance ...
it gets better by change."
Jim Rohn

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