{product} : bb cream.

bb cream = beauty balm.

i am a marketer's dream.
a complete sucker.
so, i obviously gave into the latest craze in beauty products
 & purchased this little L'Oreal Youth Code BB cream one night while i was aimlessly wandering around duane reade. 

i will be exiting my 20's in a few months - 
which means i have been lathering myself in any 
& every anti-aging skincare product out there. 

as i approach 30 - i am constantly fighting that nagging feeling of fearing getting older {and looking it}. i swear i've had wrinkles since i was 9 - so i guess 29 is a good age to start boycotting them. 

i want to age elegantly like my grandmother
 (she's the cutie in my pic above). 
she turned 83 yesterday.
she acts & looks like she's maybe 45.

returning from my tangent
so, bb creams are supposed to be the whole "next generation" 
when it comes to face products - bc they are filled with antioxidants, skin brighteners, botanical actives 
& anti-agers - along with providing sunscreen, foundation-like coverage, & moisture. 

i am not going to say i'm a full-fledged convert quite yet - 
but after using the product for a little over a month - 
i have come to love the lightweight coverage & smooth texture. 
i've replaced my foundation with this stuff. 

i still have crows feet - but maybe somebody will just buy me botox for my birthday & nip that one in the bud. 

{no this was not a sponsored post - just random thoughts} 


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