ramble time.

get ready for a ramble.

here's the deal : this blog used to be a frequent place that i loved to post & got so excited to read my followers thoughts, questions and feedback - whether it had to do with fashion 
or not (which i secretly love). 

i've fallen off the wagon...actually as far as the blogosphere is concerned - i'm a goner. it said peace out to me a long time ago. 

 i think this has to do with my conflicting feelings on focusing this blog around fashion - i mean - yeah, it's what i do. 
i love and adore it. 
it inspires quite the blog following crowd. 

but ...yeah... there are so many times lately that i sit down to post - and just won't ...
because i want to talk about something else. 
most of the time - its probably something that is not that interesting and definitely has nothing to do with being a 
"cool fashion blogger". (#1. i'm not. #2. I'm just not) 

lots of ramble here. sorry. 

so - here ya go - i'm going to start posting frequently again. some days it may be about clothes, style, music, or other neat things that bloggers talk about - and other times ... 
it may be about the taxi driver i just met that warranted an entire page of "notes" in my iphone, how i got hit by gigantic bag of nasty nyc trash as the trash man threw it aggressively towards the street (yes - it's happened. twice. ), or just weird thoughts that run through my head and the crap i'm learning - as an adult. (i just turned 29 in March. and that might be the first time i have ever referred to myself as an "adult" in writing. 
or in general.

i up and moved to nyc with very little thought - zero "pro/con" list, no "is this best for my future" thought time - i just packed my crap and moved. 

 because i needed to. 

for those of you that know me - this wasn't surprising... but most of you still freaked out - because i had no "grown up" job, because i was running from my problems, 
or just because you were going to miss me terribly. 
(*3rd one most of the time) 

blah. blah. blah (i'll fill you all in as we go) 

so - here i am again.
 a not so fashion-y fashion blogger.
nice to meet you. 

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