{diy} nail it.

i've only recently started painting my nails. 
 i still don't own my own nail file. 
this is something i get "a talking to" every single time 
i go home to Arkansas and see my grandmother.

since moving to nyc - 
i kind of have zero excuse to not keep my nails pretty.
bc manicures are the only cheap thing available in this city. 

sooo... it's obvious that i have NOT mastered 
painting my own nails - 
much less attempted these cool tricked out DIY looks.

but i wish i could.  

thebeautydepartment.com gives tutorials on stuff like this ...like how to use scotch tape to get the first nail look shown (i repeat...scotch tape) 
and the last photo i posted looks amazing...but there's 
no way in hell i'd do the 9 million steps 
just to stain my nails the perfect "ombre". 

i really love these looks. 

maybe i'll try my first DIY project - and then i'll let one of my roommates write a "follow-up" blog post about how i somehow got stuck in all that scotch tape and ombre'd myself up to my elbows. 

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